NEW: Class Training Groups

The Class is finding increasing levels of participation and interest in our training provision.  This is brilliant but does mean that we need to constantly look at how we continue to meet the needs of all sailors within the Class.  

The Class Open Training offering currently provides training for all levels of boats being split into groups at each training session.  With increasing numbers, it is becoming harder to ensure that sailors who have been in the class longer are catered for such that they can focus more on tactics and tuning their skills rather than learning how to sail the boat.  

At the December Committee meeting it was agreed to evolve the Class Open Training offering by introducing a series of structured "training groups" that would allow for consistency of coaches. 

The Committee recognises that having a larger number of boats training together provides an opportunity for boats to continually assess how they are doing and where they are sitting against other boats. We don’t want to fragment the fleet, so it was agreed that a staggered approach will be adopted to allow the impact to be assessed and the offering refined.

The first part of this new initiative will be to pilot a new Class Performance Group.   This will run between January and April 2022.   This is an exciting opportunity for the Class and it is hoped that later in the year we will be able to expand the programme (numbers dependant). 

The Class Open training will continue to provide high quality training; sailors not in the Class Performance Group will still be split into groups based on ability/learnings for each training weekend.  The Class Performance Group will join the rest of the Open training for activities/racing as they will be training at the same venue.  This ensures that social relationships can continue to develop across the whole class.


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