Sail Stickers (Button Numbers)

All International 420 sails must have an International 420 Class Sail Sticker attached to them which details a unique number. This acts a bit like a serial number for the sail and ensures a royalty has been paid to the class. The term ‘button number’ is often used here as historically they were a round button shaped orange or red plastic fitting attached to the sail. All 420 sails made after the 1st of March 2005 must display this and the sailmaker must purchase the sail sticker from the International 420 class association website. The stickers currently cost €13 each and the income from sail buttons globally are used to fund the 420 Class Development Programmes around the world. Sails without a sticker or button made after 2005 cannot be used for 420 racing.

At certain UK and International 420 events you may be asked to submit ‘button numbers’ for your sails prior to racing. This ensures that the royalty has been paid to the Class for all sails used at the regatta, but also helps the event’s Technical Committee to ensure that sailors are only using the sails they are allowed to use and are not freely swapping sails as conditions dictate.

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