21 September 2022

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From the Chair

21st September 2022
Hi there 420 Sailors,

As we look back on a GP weekend at Warsash, we must take time to reflect on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the impact this had on the weekend, which was minimal in the end.    Everyone behaved in a fitting manner to how the class had asked, adhering to the minutes silence and not having a prize giving.   (The prize giving will be held on the Saturday night in Torbay so make sure you’re there to receive your prizes.)    Overall, the weekend was a great success with some great sailing. Congratulations to all the winners who sailed extremely well and consistently throughout the weekend.   It has been noted by some of the sailors, that two very tidal events back to back isn’t ideal so we will take this into consideration when booking future events.


It was great to see lots of new faces at Warsash with what felt like a changing of the guard.  New partnerships have and are being formed, others have moved out of the class, so it’s time to see which sailors are going to step up and take on the mantle to reach the top of the fleet.  I’m really keen we make an effort to integrate the new people into the class - this does take a little bit of effort but know you are well adept at being very social, and future socials will also help us to do this. 


As shown at Warsash, the class is usually very well behaved and shows all the right values. However, there have been examples recently of behaviours that we wouldn’t want to see in the 420 class, so James’s speech at the briefing, was aimed to bring this to the fore. There will be further points discussed this weekend at Torbay as we felt Warsash wasn’t the right time to bring them up.


The new committee held it’s first meeting just after Warsash and there are many things that are starting to come together, namely event calendar, communication strategy, International events and training schedule / groups (although groups won’t be finalised until the Youth squad has been chosen).   An area we are keen to focus on is how we can have more parents supporting and helping with the committee roles.  To this effect, we’re looking to create working groups of people for Events, Training and International – an email will be issued on this soon.     We have also discussed how we can make the required roles for every Event more visible to the sailors and parents,  so people can offer their assistance up front rather than being press ganged into doing a duty.  We hope to have something live shortly.   A subscribable calendar has recently been issued and is available on the website events page allowing you to download the events into your PC or devices, hopefully allowing an easier way to plan your sailing diaries.  Thanks to those involved for sorting this.


As we have started discussions about next years events, namely the Nationals,  I am keen to understand from both parents and sailors what worked for them this year and how we can take what we did and improve on it.  We have to realise a different venue has different characteristics but I would be keen to know from people - what worked, what didn’t or what we could do to make it better.  Feel free to email me,  WhatsApp me or just old-fashioned speak to me directly.


We now have a number of weeks with events coming thick and fast and some great opportunities for coaching and learning from the coaches we have onboard to support the class.  The calendar on the website is up to date with event dates, although some locations are being confirmed and as I have previously raised, I’m really keen we advise people of events and locations further in advance.    Please do bear in mind that there are many locations we usually sail at that are currently extremely low on water, so there could be some late changes to locations,  as we have seen by moving the training from Chew Valley to Northampton.  


On a final note, the Rolling ranking has been updated and issued on the website.   This is a key indicator that pulls together the GP series to give an indication for how teams are performing.   Although not part of the selection criteria for RYA Youth Squads, the coaches use the rolling ranking as an indicator for the performance group and other training groups so it’s a very useful tool.    John Meadowcroft has been doing a great job updating the rolling ranking but due to him leaving the class, we are now looking for another person to take this task on.   Please come to me if interested.


Good luck to all at Torbay this weekend.




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