10 March 2021

Class Update March 2021

Come and visit us at our virtual stand at the Dinghy Show

Class Update - March 2021

We hope that you are well and looking forward, as much as we are, to getting back out on the water again now that restrictions are starting to ease.  There is a lot of activity planned in the coming months; we want you to be ready!  But before we get started why not get out on the water at your local club.?  We are aware that a number of clubs are starting to re-open activity for club members - why not dust off your boats, try on your kit and make sure everything is still working?

New Website
We hope that you will have seen our new Class website that was launched just ahead of the RYA Dinghy Show.   This has been updated with all the latest information about the class along with our planned activities.  If you want to know something, check out the website; if you can't find what you are looking for contact the relevant person from the Class who will be happy to help you.

Transitioning to the Class
Are you looking to transition to the Class or know someone who might?  The Class has a full transition programme that will be launched over the next couple of weeks that is designed to have you ready to race at the Youth Nationals in August.  Not only that there are some great 420 boats and equipment for sale in our For Sale section on our website.  We look forward to seeing you!  If you want more information, please check out our designated section on transitioning to the Class on the website and/or contact the Class Administrator and/or Class Development Officer for more details.

Class Open Training
The event calendar is up to date with our upcoming open training opportunities.   We are planning our first Open Training opportunities as follows:

We will be opening up these training events on Saturday 13th March at 12.00 pm via the Class website.  Please be aware, there is a limit of 20 boats at Rockley due to local restrictions.

2021 Worlds/European Championships
Both of these events are due to take place in Italy in July.  Whilst we still cannot guarantee that GBR Teams will be able to attend we have to plan as though they are.  With that in mind a series of three events has been scheduled to act as the Selection Series.  The full Selection Policy can be found on the class website and here
The events that will be used are:

  1. Spring Series 1 - WPNSA (24th/25th April 2021)
  2. Spring Series 2 - Warsach SC (8th/9th May 2021)
  3. Spring Series 3 - Brixham SC (22nd/23rd May 2021)

Securing dates/venues to enable us to hold a Selection Series has been difficult.  

From our recent surveys to understand the level of interest in attending these international events, we know that we are currently over-subscribed, making a selection series necessary. We have asked for additional places but this request was turned down by the International 420 class association. 

We know that the timing of these events isn't ideal because of exams/assessments for GCSE/A Levels.  Additional complications in trying to arrange suitable dates is that each school appears to be holding their exams/assessments at different times.  This has made planning extremely difficult.  

In order to try to take into account sailors individual circumstances the Selection Committee (which is an independent committee) has revised the Selection Policy to provide for additional discards across the series.   In addition, if sailors wish to look for discretion they can do so, in line with the Selection Policy.  Any requests for discretion should be communicated to the Selectors as soon as possible by emailing them GBR420selectors@gmail.com.

We encourage sailors to do their best to attend as many of the events as possible to give them the best opportunity to achieve their team goals.  

Please Note: the Spring Series is not just for those sailors looking for a place at the Worlds/Europeans.  They are for all sailors to have the opportunity to get out racing.  If you are new to the Class and want to attend but are not interested in attending the Worlds/European Championships please come along and race!  It'll be a great opportunity to get racing experience in and also will be lots of fun.

Travelling to Europe after Brexit
Following Brexit travelling to Europe with boats has changed.  This will directly impact how the Class supports teams when travelling into Europe.  We've pulled together a document which provides the most up to date guidance we have about what this means.  We are working on the logistics for the Worlds/Europeans over the coming weeks and will update the event pages as these details become clear.

The guide can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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