20 October 2022

420 Committee Structure - Moving Forward

From the Chair


With a new committee having been voted in at the 2022 AGM at the nationals, there were a number of key roles that have remained unfilled.  This document will show how we are looking to redefine these roles and are looking for people to put themselves forward to assist the committee and why we believe this is a more manageable proposition.


The table below shows the committee members roles and names plus the empty roles.


James George


Vice Chair

Gareth Greenfield

Company Secretary:




Marion Potter

Sailing Secretary:



Marketing Officer:

Jane Wade

Training Officer:



Deputy Training Officer:


Welfare Officer:

Tiffany Cawthorne


Teams Officer:


Technical Officer:

Ben Rayner


Parent Rep:

Sara Creighton


Parent Rep:

Tom Jones

Sailor Rep:

Arthur Bailey


Sailor Rep:

Teddy Dunn

Sailor Rep:

Oscar Cawthorne


Class Head Coach:

Amy Seabright


The empty roles are key roles within the class structure and to date the work has been done by other committee members to ensure that the class continues to function correctly but this cannot continue in the long term.   


When people were asked about why they wouldn’t put their names forward for these roles following the AGM, a large proportion had the same responses - unknown responsibilities and tasks vague, too large a burden on precious time, unwillingness to get involved as it becomes life consuming.


In order to overcome a number of these perceived burdens it has become clear that we need to restructure the workloads associated with these roles in a different manner and the solution we have come up with an looking to implement is to use working groups where we will have a number of roles and workstreams under each role that will be picked up by a group of people rather than one or two people only as per the diagram 1 below.  

Diagram 1.  Overall Structure of Groups

As can be seen by having a number of groups this allows workloads to be shared and tasks to be run by multiple people who are then coordinated by the Group lead.


We currently see the requirement to have a group lead for Events, Training and Teams/International and it will be the responsibility of these people to ensure the teams are in place and the tasks allocated to not only plan, schedule and confirm the events but also to manage, co-ordinate and run them when they are happening.  


For the events (Class key events (e.g. Winter Champs) and GP’s) there is the option to split these as well to have separate working groups.   We’re also keen to, where possible, have a local person onboard for events and training to assist with local liaisons with the cub.  This is something we have seen great benefits with e.g. Warsash with Alistair Beardsall.


Diagram 2 - Event structure 

Diagram 2 shows how this might be split down by events and we might allocate people to support each event.  For the alignment of resources it might be best if the same people are involved in multiple events but it would be good to have local resources involved where possible for liaising with the sailing clubs.


Next Steps

We are currently working through the tasks that need to be undertaken as part of these roles and one of the tasks for the coordinators / leads will be to finalise the task list and also ensure these are maintained.   This should allow us to follow clear procedures for finding, booking and organising and then running the events with minimal effort.  The knowledge we have in the class and around the class should enable this to be completed quickly and easily whilst challenging how we do things today and simplifying the procedures.


Call to Action

The call to action here is to build a list of people willing to support the committee and their sailors to be able to be brought into specific groups or groups so that we can start to organise and structure the training and events.   We would welcome that if people are willing to take on lead coordinator roles then they let us know that they would be willing to support in that capacity.


All the leads and supports will be working alongside James and Gareth  so we will be passing on the experiences we have already gained.


The committee's other hope here is that this also gives people the insight into how the committee works and realise that from the inside it isn’t as daunting as it might look from the outside as we look to future committee members.   Lets not forget that without supporters for the class the sailors don't get to go sailing.


Please show your support by signing up using the attached form  or speak us at any of the events we are attending.


Thank you for your support




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