International Events 2019 Overview

Please note the information for 2019 International Events is ‘work in progress’ and is subject to change / updates as more information becomes available.

420 World Championship – Vilamoura, Portugal – 3-11 July 2019

420 Junior European Championship – Galicia, Spain – 23-30 July 2019

In order to keep sailor and parents as informed as possible I will update this information as details can be confirmed.

The team of 20 boats for the Worlds and 10 boats for the Junior Europeans (under 19 by the end of 2019) will be selected as per the selection policy (hopefully attached at the bottom of this draft).

Selection will be made following performance at the Inlands, the Springs and the Youth Nationals.  The teams will be announced at the end of the Youth Nationals.  

‘Paperwork will be dispatched as soon as practicable and confirmation of acceptance of place will be required by 24 April along with a deposit of £250 per sailor for each event.

Both competitions are GBR team events and are supported by the RYA.  All sailors are required to stay at the team hotel which is close to the sailing venue and provides accommodation in twin rooms.  It is anticipated that there will be four voluntary house parents for the Worlds and two volunteer House Parents for the Junior Europeans.  This is a Youth event and the sailors are largely expected to look after themselves but coaches and house parents are there to supervise and assist. All sailors will be required to comply with the Class Charter.  We expect to provide four coaches for the Worlds and three coaches for the Junior Europeans.  Sailors will be supervised on and off the water.  Parents are encouraged to attend if they would like to do so.  House Parents are volunteers, the costs of their flight and accommodation will be covered.

The Class hopes to facilitate the transport of the boats to both venues.  We will require volunteer drivers.  Drivers costs and return flights will be covered and will benefit from a reduced boat transport fee.  The Class will organize entry, Union Jacks for the mainsails (compulsory), kit, coaches and RIBs.

The cost of attending each event will cover accommodation and breakfast (and evening meal at the Worlds), kit, coaching, boat transport and House Parent supervision.  It does not include flights or transfers.  The Class will co-ordinate flights and transfers as required.  Previous European events have been approximately £1,100 – £1,600 per sailor, our best estimate, at this point in time, is that Spain will be at the lower end and Portugal at the upper end.  Please be mindful that costs are effected by exchange rates and venue.