Buddy Teams For 2019 Nationals

GBR 420 Class Class matters

thumbnail of Buddy Teams Nationals 2019

As the fleet grows it is important that we integrate more. We need the more experience sailors to
get to know and support the less experience/new sailors into the class to help them develop the
technical skills needed for the 420. To that end the committee has suggested we try a Buddy System
for the Nationals. Mindful that this is a new approach for the class and we want this to be a success
we have also created prizes for the Buddy System. So therefore, it is in the interest of the more
experience sailors to help there assigned Buddy do well and in the interested of the less experience
sailors to ask for advise and guidance from there more experience buddy. This is to exercise and I
would recommend, given the prizes on offer that you get involved. Who knows you might even
make NEW friends.

How does it work
Score will be added up for both pairs in the Buddy total score less one discard per boat counts
towards Buddy Prize.  Buddy’s will be introduced at briefing.