420 Smash at the Tiger Trophy

GBR 420 Class Class matters



It is with huge thanks to Pure Business Group for their sponsorship and Speed Six for donating / subsidising prizes that we are delighted to announce the following prizes for the 420 smash on 2nd / 3rd February. Over £1000 worth of prizes to be won!

Daily Prizes

Winner Saturday – kit bags

Race 1 5thplace – hats

Race 1 10thplace – hullwax or PROlube

Race 1 15thplace – hullwax or PROlube

Race 2 5thplace – hats

Race 2 10thplace – hullwax or PROlube

Race 2 15thplace – hullwax or PROlube

Winner Sunday – kit bags

Race 3 5thplace – hats

Race 3 10thplace – hullwax or PROlube

Race 3 15thplace – hullwax or PROlube

Overall Prizes (1 prize per person)

Winner – buoyancy aids

1stlady/open (whichever is not overall winner) – Speedsix tiller extension

2ndopen – hoodies

2ndlady – hoodies

3rdopen – kit bags

3rdlady – kit bags

1stjunior – Speedsix tiller extension

1stnon-squad – hats plus hullwax or PROlube

1stnewcomer (not sailed prior to the 2018 nationals) – Speedsix tiller extension

Most improved Saturday to Sunday – kit bags

Capsize award – spinnaker pole

Consistency award (same result in all 3 races) – hats

Kept going award (lowest position of those competing all races) – hats

Other prizes may be awarded on the day at the discretion of the committee

Prizes courtesy of Pure Business Group and Speedsix