420 Open class training at Datchet 27-28 January

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After youth squad training in snow the previous weekend, 24 420’s headed to Datchet for January’s instalment of the class open training in significantly warmer but windier weather.

Throughout the weekend there was a mix of boat set up advice, on the water coaching, multiple short races and post sailing debriefing with video analysis. Conditions were perfect for the experienced 420 sailors, slightly more challenging for those newer to the class, but the smiles on faces suggested everyone was enjoying planing around a Datchet water with much more water than a few weeks ago. Many thanks to the coaches for all their tuition and enthusiasm.

The open training is an excellent initiative by the class, providing help to anyone looking to start sailing a 420, as well as providing anyone with the opportunity to test themselves against the top youth squad boats in the country. It runs throughout the autumn and winter, building up to March and April’s qualifying for the summer events, with more training in the spring due to be announced shortly. If you to find out more about forthcoming events for the 420 class, visit: gbr420.uk/events/