420 Worlds Registration

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Following some fantastic negotiation, and other national teams wanting to get their hulls nice and wet to add weight, Team GBR were brought forward in the queue for Measurement. After a tense few hours of removing centre boards and other dismantling of boats the team got through measurement with just one boat requiring an additional 200g of lead to be added.

With the breeze blowing at 27 knots an expedient decision was taken to not go on the water and so avoiding the risk of breakage etc, particularly as the depth is only 3-4 metres on a limestone sea bed which is perfect for breaking masts. Even the team gazebo had to be taken down so that it didn’t get blown away. Instead the team took some time, a lot of time for some of them, polishing hulls and making last minute changes to rigging.

It’s now the last night of freedom before the Worlds event starts. It feels like it has taken a long time to arrive. The practice race and opening ceremony are scheduled for tomorrow.