GBR 420 Class Class matters

TO:  All sailors who are members of the British International 420 Class Association.

RE:  Selection for the teams to compete at the 420 Class World Championships in Freemantle, Australia, December 2017.

IN COMPLIANCE WITH:  The 420 Class Association 2017 Team Selection Policy


Following the selection process of the Spring events the sailors who were offered, and accepted, a place in the teams for the Worlds are as follows:

Tom Collyer and Aaron Chadwick

Alex Colquitt and Robert Giardelli

Archie Penn and Ben Warrington


Izi Davies and Gemma Keers

Katie Davies and Madeleine Watkins

Lainey Terkelson and Lucy Offord


Rhys Lewis and Drew Wright

Jack Lewis and Charlie Bacon

Eleanor Keers and Harriet Watkins

Ellie Driver and Rachel Cross



The following team places remain vacant:  4 places in the Open Worlds Team;  4 places in the Ladies’ Worlds Team and 1 open and 1 ladies place in the U17 Worlds team.

To complete these teams further pairs may be selected based on Eligibility, and the Ranking List from the Autumn Selection Event, as follows:

THE AUTUMN SELECTION EVENT will be the 420 Autumn Championships 2017 – 30th September to 1st October 2017 at WPNSA.

A  Ranking List will be compiled using the total number of race results from the Autumn Championships on exactly the same basis as point 9.1 in the Policy document, except that race scores will be discarded as follows:

4 races completed – 1 discard, 12 races completed – 2 discards

Entrants for the Autumn Selection event need not have entered the Spring events, nor, if they did enter the Spring events, remain in the same pair for the Autumn event.

Entry to this selection event will be made via the Autumn Championships event website managed by the 420 Class Association.

The names of those sailors nominated for the teams will be announced at the end of the Autumn Championships at WPNSA.

These sailors will be required to either accept or decline their place by 6pm on Wednesday 4th October 2017. Initial payment via cheque or bank transfer for £1000 per sailor should be made at the same time.  Final payment will be required by Friday 3rd November 2017.


The selectors are appointed by the 420 Class Association. They are David Campbell James (Chairman) Willis Fuller (Secretary) and Roy McCubbin (RYA Double-Handed Pathway Manager).

Should you wish to correspond with the selectors you can do so in writing via the secretary,


You can also correspond with the class via the Class Association International Sailing Secretary,  who is Linda Keers – (