2017 British International 420 Inland Championship

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420 Inland Championships – Rutland SC – 18/19 March 2017

An exciting weekend awaited the 420 fleet on the 18th of March in Rutland water as it was the first of our summer event qualifiers. The stakes were high and a focussed atmosphere loomed in the busy boat park on Saturday morning.

After a quick briefing from our race officer, it was time for sailing. Woolly hats and dry suits were the attire for many. A cold westerly wind was forecast for Saturday. The sail out was a long downwind from the club to the far end of Rutland reservoir – resulting in a few capsizes and a ripped kite before the racing had even begun. Race one started with a general recall, but soon after the 420 armada was heading upwind. The wind ranged from 12-17 knots, the course mainly pressure driven with large bands of winds filling in from the edges.

Race three led to a dramatic capsize from the Heathcote-Boyle pair, leading to a protruding bolt entering a helm’s foot meaning a quick trip to the hospital for stitches. Four races were soon complete on Saturday. Aching and tired, the fleet rolled into Rutland club house for hot chocolate and rugby at 5:00.

A disappointing loss for England vs Ireland didn’t dampen the fleets attitude on Sunday morning. A fruity looking forecast meant many boats were launching on rake 4 – their most de-powered setting. A breezy and blustery first race saw a costly capsize to Davies- Watkins pairing, with Atherton-Viney taking the first bullet of the day.

Time for race two and the wind was really howling. Team Smallwood- Thompson were in the lead but took an unexpected tumble, losing their balance at the first leeward gate. Gusts now up to 36 mph and many boats upside down, it was time to shorten the course and send the fleet in. A special mention to Ollie Hawkins who managed to head butt a capsized centre board splitting open his lip and forehead.

Exhausted, the fleet just about survived another fantastic Inland championships hosted by Rutland Sailing club. Many thanks to all the volunteers of the race committee and especially the safety cover who were tested to their limits in Sunday’s breeze.

We wish Ollie and Vita speedy recoveries from this weekend’s sailing adventures. Well sailed everyone – the fleet will be reunited in two weeks at Hayling for the next qualifier.

Isabel Davies and Gemma Keers
British 420 Inland Champions

Many thanks to Peter Newton Photography peternewton.zenfolio.com/

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