2016 Youth Sailing World Championships Selection Notice

These selections are the responsibility of the RYA Youth Worlds Selection Committee headed by Phil Tilley and Mark Nicholls and covered by their Selection document



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Please note:

All sailors that wish to be considered for selection to the Youth Sailing World Championships should register their interest with the RYA before the first race of the 2016 RYA Youth National Championships.

Only sailors that register will be considered for selection and it is presumed that by registering their interest that they will accept a place should they fulfil the selection criteria and a place is offered.

Question – Will a team that has opted to and sails in the Under 17 Worlds team be adversely affected by not sailing in the Under 19 Worlds team when it comes to selection for the ISAF Youth Worlds team?

Answer from Mark Nicholls – The wording in the policy allows us to select from either the Open or the U17 events, as we choose. We will set any Under 17 contenders a specific performance target to achieve in order to be considered for selection and will do the same for any teams in the open fleet.

David Campbell James, Roy McCubbin, Willis Fuller. 29th March 2016